Biostimulators - PRP


PRP (Platelet rich plasma)

Platelet Rich Plasma is a component of whole blood that contains growth factors, and healing proteins. When we isolate PRP we can reintroduce this concentration of platelets into a specific area to restore the tissue, improve darkness, skin laxity, fine lines, wrinkles and improve texture. There is little to no risk of having a reaction because it it made by you! Results are gradual and take time to see peak effect. Best done in a series of 3 treatments.

Sculptra - Biostimulatory Fillers


Radiesse & Sculptra

Radiesse and Sculptra: are biostimulatory fillers used to bring more collagen and elastin to a specific area, or restore lost volume. Each treatment entails injections into the layers where fibroblasts are concentrated which then stimulates them to produce a scaffolding of collagen which remains for up to 2 years.