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Medical Grade Skincare

At Glacial Lakes Aesthetics, we are committed to providing high-quality, research-driven skincare products that are safe and effective including: Revision, Neocutis, and SkinBetter.

Revision Skincare:

Revision Skincare is an industry leader in bringing innovative first to market technologies to its consumers. Their goal is to provide an exceptional skincare line that can be used across the lifespan without compromising the long term health of the skin. Powerful and effective. Manufactured in the USA.


Neocutis was created in 2003 after years of research in wound healing. Studies showed that applying pure growth factors, specifically in pediatric burn patients, created an environment for skin to regenerate and heal faster than traditional treatment. Through the use of proprietary peptides and patented processed skin proteins they have created a skincare line that provides an excellent option for anti-aging and post procedure care.

SkinBetter Science:

Advanced science and chemistry are used to create products that are effective and give clients the skin they desire. Skincare can achieve more through purposeful innovation. Their award winning products are backed by a team with decades of experience in clinical research who are committed to everyday results.