PostTX 2 Recovery Enhancement System


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A complete solution from cleanser to sunscreen, this skin enhancement system is specifically designed to enhance recovery for more aggressive aesthetic procedures. This silicone-based advanced recovery complex combines growth factor, anti-aging peptides, antioxidants and soothing agents in an occlusive base to protect the skin while reducing redness and enhancing results.

  • Cleanse:
    • A mild, non-foaming cleanser that’s great for sensitive or post-procedural skin.
  • Recover:
    • A better solution for recovery post aggressive treatments. A silicone base protects sensitive skin andeliminates the mess of petrolatum on the face while multiple growth factors & peptides, hyaluronic acid,and coenzyme Q10 help to support recovery, reduce redness and hydrate post-procedure skin.
  • Protect:
    • Purely physical broad spectrum protectant with zinc & titanium dioxide plus green tea, coenzyme Q10and a universal tint to help decrease redness and reduce the risk of sun damage and photo-aging.

60 mL | 2 fl oz Age Intervention Gentle Cleanser

57 g | 2 oz Bioshield

57 g | 2 oz Physical Protectant Tinted


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